One Step At A Time

Fiat Growth
2 min readApr 22, 2021


Nearly one year ago, as the world first learned George Floyd’s name, we held several private discussions about race, injustice, diversity and progress. We spoke about our experiences, roles, obligations and most importantly our opportunities to make an impact.

These conversations are naturally challenging with brands fearing they might say the wrong thing, and others being afraid or unwilling to say anything at all. We believe actions say more than any words can.

As a company and as individuals we have long been advocates for financial inclusion and supporting digital finance platforms that serve underrepresented markets. Inspired by social change, we made a public pledge to work with underrepresented entrepreneurs and to seek opportunities to work with and elevate the brands and leaders of tomorrow that best support and represent these values.

Progress is slow and must be a sustained and enduring effort. The conviction of Derek Chauvin is one step in the right direction for justice and progress. So too are all of the conversations, movements, and changes that have come over the last year. Our hope is that this progress will only grow from here.

We too have focused on the impacts we can make and are happy to share that over the past year we have had the honor of working with an unbelievable group of founders including Greenwood, Indi and Boost.

Greenwood launched in October to better serve the Black and LatinX communities. Gaining over 500k+ members in three months and over $40M in funding from 6 of the top 7 banks in the US, it is poised to continue a massive shift in financial inclusion. Indi has become the leading diversity-focused career development and advancement platform on the market working with top employers on these goals. Boost is changing the way accounting is powered for the next generation of entrepreneurs.

We are a small group of passionate and hardworking people who took this movement to heart in our everyday actions. We share these success stories not out of a desire for self-promotion, but rather as a reminder of the power you have in your hands. Your actions and decisions each day can have a profound impact. Progress is slow, but it is possible and is in your hands.

For our part, we intend to continue our efforts in perpetuity, making an impact one decision at a time. As always, please feel free to reach out to us if we can be helpful in your mission.

Fiat in Latin means “let it be done.” The power of a simple connection can spark enormous impact. Make it happen. Take that action and continue it. Together progress will march on. Together we will build a more inclusive tomorrow.